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The builder saved money, they installed half the required insulation.
Stucco cracks which will allow water to enter your home need to be repaired now.
Roof tiles falling off new homes is as common as insulation missing.
There is six inches of insulation missing throughout the attic which saved the builder money.
Holes and cracks in stucco at metal flashing is all to common, great for water intrusion.
The plywood is soaked with water from a poor roof installation.
The bottom of the front door is a gateway for insects and moisture.

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Becoming a new homeowner has some very important issues for you to address in the first two years of home ownership in the state of Arizona.

The state of Arizona requires builders to only warranty structural defects for the first two years of ownership.  As a new homeowner you must be aware of all the warranty items in your home, and the length of time important components are covered and repaired by your builder.

Most settling and stress related deficiencies begin to occur before the end of the first year.  We strongly recommend all new homeowners have a complete home inspection after the first eleven months of ownership.  This important time frame after the construction of your home will show you possible small problems, that may become significant concerns after your warranty has expired.

We highly recommend an inspection after the first eleven months, and before twenty two months. These inspections will determine if the builder is responsible for any defects which could be present. These time frames will give your builder ample time to correct any deficiencies that are found, and contact his subcontractors to make the appropriate repairs.

Should your builder choose not to make any necessary repairs, we will help you file the appropriate complaint against your builder with the Registrar of Contractors office.

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