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The roof framing needs to be evaluated by a structural engineer.
cracked rafters
The concrete foundation has failed.
foundtation crack
The dishwasher drain line is installed incorrectly.

Phoenix Arizona Certified Home Inspectors, serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa — all of Arizona.
We are a team of experienced and motivated Home Inspectors and Building Consultants who have set a precedent in the home inspection industry in Arizona by providing property inspections which exceed every Standard for professional practice in the United States of America by any professional organization or licensing agency.

When our inspectors arrive to inspect your property you will not see Polo shirts and dress pants because we are there for one reason, to inspect every inch of the building we can get to and that requires getting dirty.

We highly suggest you read the Arizona standards for professional practice in which every certified inspector conducting home inspections is required to abide by. Climb on a roof..not if you don’t want to! We have heard every story known to man from investors throughout the country we work for on a regular basis who have used other inspection companies in the past before finding us. The why we can’t excuses that were given to them when all they wanted was a thorough inspection. We start our inspections on the roof because the condition of the roof is generally associated with most of the problems we find in a home or commercial building.

Our inspection reports are generated on tablet computers in the field while we work. All the information about your property is put into the computer as we obtain it. We generally need to spend about 2-3 hours for a 2500 sq. ft. home or business on the average, to document all the information with direct correlation to the digital pictures which are taken of the deficiencies we find.

When we have all the information and photos which are required by our Standards we go to our office and spend time working on your report carefully, making it very easy for you to understand in a narrative type report with all the pictures in the report at the section of the inspection in which it pertains too. Please click on our sample report links on the upper left to view the type of inspection we do after you read this page. What you will see is comprehensive, detailed, understandable and guaranteed!

The inspection report will be completed by the end of the business day and emailed to you from our secure website in HTML format not acrobat reader. There is no software to download to view your report. You will receive an email containing a user name and password. The email will tell you very simply to go to www.homegauge.com sign-in with your user name and password and view your report. Your report will be on this secure site for 1 year after the inspection is completed, and you may view it or print it when ever you like 24/7. For people who do not have access to a computer we will deliver your report in person or by any means you choose.

When other inspection companies say they will complete your inspection and print it on-site that should tell you three things 1. They didn’t do a comprehensive inspection. 2. They have a general format for all buildings and yours isn’t any different from the rest, like a check list. Or 3. They just waisted two or three hours of your time by not having state of the art inspection software we use to prepare a professionally written narrative type inspection report.
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